Before driving to Austria Memmingen



Friday 19.07.2019: Loulé - La Alberca (alt 1.048 m): 628 km, very hot about 40ºC!

Volker drove from home to Sevilla, then up to La Alberca to escape the heat. Overnight on the aire Las Batuecas Estacionamiento de la Casa del Parque, 37624 La Alberca, Castilla y Leon (free of charge, tel. +34923415036, open every day of the year). GPS: N 40.48847º, W 6.11594º / N 40°29'18", W 6°06'57"


Saturday 20.07.2019: La Alberca - Victoria-Gasteiz (alt 525 m): 453 km, 28-30ºC

Drive from La Alberca to Victoria-Gasteiz. Nice town with lots of events and musicians, artists etc. in the old town streets. Volker took a tramway back to the aire (a large parking lot with spaces for campers). GPS: N 42.8668º W 2.6854º


Sunday 21.07.2019: Victoria-Gasteiz - Charbonnières-les-Varennes (near Clermont-Ferrand) (alt ± 720 m): 707 km, hot 33ºC

Drive from Victoria-Gasteiz to Charbonnières-les-Varennes. GPS: N 45.8846º E 2.98027º


Monday 22.07.2019: Charbonnières-les-Varennes - Lélex (alt 890 m): #$% km, 30ºC

Drive from La Alberca to Victoria-Gasteiz. Nice town with lots of events and musicians, artists etc. in the old town streets. GPS: N 46.3004º E 5.9338º


Tuesday 23.07.2019: Lélex - Switzerland - Wangen in Allgäu (alt #$% m): #$% km, hot 36ºC

Drive from Lélex (FR) to Wangen in Allgäu (7,20€). GPS: N 47.682º E 9.834º


Wednesday 24.07.2019: Wangen in Allgäu - Memmingen (alt 525 m): #$% km, 34ºC

Drive from Wangen in Allgäu to Memmingen to pick up Julia from the airport where she should be arriving at 20:45, but arrived 45' late (16:45 FAO-FMM 20:45 FR7481). Nice town with lots of events and musicians, artists etc. in the old town streets. Overnight at the aire of Memmingen. GPS: N 47.9953º E 10.1825º


Thursday 25.07.2019: Memmingen - Oberstdorf (alt #$%): 50 km, hot 33ºC

We took our bicycles and went to the oldtown, through the old red town gates . We had a coffee at the Kaffeerösterei, walked around before driving to Oberstdorf where we stayed at the aire Geiger (39,60€ with city tax + 5€ card guarantee/pax). The "reception" is held by a GOM (grumpy old man, or #$% but not as subtle nice). Lilo and Klaus came with their car to our camper, took the 3 boxes of wine, and also us, and we had lunch at the "Traube" all together (very good food!). In the evening we went to the opening concert Oberstdorfer Musiksommer at the Oberstdorf Haus. Concert with the Württembergische Philharmonie Reutlingen with an introduction by the Jodlergruppe Oberstdorf. The solists were absolutely brilliant: Wen-Sinn Yang, Violoncello, Maria-Elisabeth Lott, Violine, Maestro: Gregor A. Mayrhofer.

P. Tschaikowski: Rokoko Variationen op. 33

C. Saint-Saëns: Introduction et Rondo capriccioso op. 28

J. Brahms: Doppelkonzert op. 102

After the concert we had a glass of wine in a cosy bar. GPS: N 47.4086º E 10.2862º


Friday 26.07.2019: Oberstdorf: still very warm (32ºC) but in the afternoon a short thunderstorm with rain, clearing at 19:00.

Volker and Julia took the Nebelhorn-Bahn up to Höfatsblick (alt 1932 m). We wanted to walk from there down to Alpsee? #$%, but the trails were closed, so we had a light lunch before going down with the cable car to Alpsee #$% from where we walked down to Oberstdorf (about 1,5 hours). We all wanted to go to the Oberstdorfer Beargfest (Street Festival) which began at 17:00, but we took the bus and went to Lilo's and Klaus' place because it was pooring rain outside. We waited until the weather calmed down and went to have dinner at the Traube (this time we sat inside). After this, the weather turned to good and we visited some shops, getting free champaign mainly with raspberries or strawberries.