Sooß - Bad Vöslau - Gumpoldskirchen

Saturday 14 September 2019: Preiner Gscheid Pass - Sooß (Lower Austria) (alt 267 m): 80 km - fog at the pass and beautiful weather in Sooß 20ºC

Volker hit the trail to the Predigtstuhl (at 1902 m) on the Rax (4,5 hours, 8,5 km, 850 m ascent). Back home we went to the Edelweißhütte for lunch (20 €). Drive to Sooß where we parked at the Weinbergstraße on a good parking lot with view to the country side. Walking down the main road in Sooß to go to one of the many Heurigen we discovered that there is a special event on the vineyards: "Genussmeile in ther Thermenregion Wienerwald", the longest bar in the world (approx 8 km long) along the 1st Vienna water line hiking path between Mödling and Bad Vöslau. More than 80 stalls offer all kind of food, delicious local wines, champagnes etc. (no entry fee) We did from A1 to A10 this afternoon!  N47º59º2" E16º12'26"


Sunday 15 September 2019: Sooß - Bad Vöslau - Gumpoldskirchen (alt 240 m): 14 km, beautiful sunny day, 23ºC

Julia walked to Bad Vöslau to the thermal baths through the vineyards, which were still empty (the Genussmeile starts at 12:00, it is also the last day today). In the therm, Julia bought a new bikini and called Volker to join her, because this therm bath is absolutely fantastic! Julia paid 24,50€ incl. saunas, Volker, who came with the camper to Bad Vöslau   9,80€ (for the whole day). This place is amazing and well kept. Lunch at the restaurant on the "first floor" at the Kabane 21 (delicious food, 35 €). Drive to Gumpoldskirchen where we stayed at a parking. Stroll through the stalls of the Genussmeile, then dinner at the Heurigen Spätrot (31 €). N48º2'29" E16º16'40"