Untersberg Hallein and Pernerinsel

Friday 16.08.2019: Hallein - Salzburg Sightseeing: nice weather, 24ºC

We bought the Salzburg Card for 72 hours, which cost 44€/pax and enables to enter all museums and other attractions in Salzburg free of charge. Bus 670 into town, visit of the Festung Hohensalzburg (up with the funicular, down walking), some busy streets in the old town like Steingasse, Mozarts Geburtshaus. Lunch at Zirbelwirt (very good). Shopping for elegant clothes, because we are going to a performance of the Salzburg Festival on the 19 August 2019 at 19:30. At :30 we went to the cinema and watched "Once upon a time in Hollywood", a crazy Tarantino movie. We watched part of an opera on the on the big screen before taking the bus back home at 21:13.


Saturday 17.08.2019: Hallein - Salzburg Sightseeing: warm weather, 27ºC sunny with some clouds

First thing we went to Schloss Hellbrunn (also included in our card) and had a funny tour through the eccentric Wasserspiele (trick fountains). After visiting the garden and the castle inside we had lunch at the Gasthaus zu Schloss Hellbrun (very good, excellent service 33 €). We then tried to reach Fritz Berger Camping store taking a trolley bus up to the Central Railway Station, but changed our plans and went to the Markatplatz to visit the Mozarteum University and the the gardens of Schloss Mirabelle, the apartment where the Mozart family moved when Wolfgang Amadeus was 17 years old. Coffee at the Café Bazar (good coffee and cocktails). Back home with our bus. While we were having a drink at our host Auwirt, we discovered that the Hellbrunn Zoo has late night opening on week-ends during July and August. So we took a cab (30 €) and enjoyed a nice evening at the zoo (free of charge with our card) with a short guided tour and good food. Back with a taxi from Salzburg (cheaper because the cab was called from Salzburg and not from Hallein: 15 €).


Sunday 18.08.2019: Hallein - Untersberg cable car

We rode with our bicycles to the Untersberg cable car station that took us 1300 m up to the rugged 1853 m peak of Untersberg. Rising above Salzburg and straddling the German border the views are spectacular over the Rositten Valley and the Tyrolean, Salzburg and Bavarian alpine ranges. From the cable car top station we walked the trail that led to Salzburg Hochthron at 1.850 m altitude. Julia went back to the Hochalm and waited for Volker who went further but turned around before the Ice cave to meet with me and have lunch. Back home at 16:00. Weather was still good and we sat a while before having dinner.


Monday 19.08.2019: Salzburg, light rain with sunshine

After breakfast with a Topfenkuchen we went shopping, first for groceries and, after driving around Salzburg to the other side, shopping for camping equipment - a new pan. Thai lunch/dinner at Suphanee's Thaiküche (23 €, delicious, Salzachtal Strasse in Hallein). Back to Hallein we parked at the Perner Insel parking (only 2 € instead of ± 18 €because we exchanged it at the theatre for a special ticket) and went for a walk through Hallein. In the evening we had a theatre performance of the Salzburg Festspiele - Liliom by Ferenc Molnár (100€/pax, but it was worthwhile).