Wednesday 28 August 2019: Villach - Villacher Alpenstrasse P9 (Villach Alpine Road, alt 1727 m): 27 km, good warm weather also in the mountains

Drive up the Villach Alpine Road (included in our Kärten Card or 38 €/car without the card). Hike up to the Dobratsch summit at 2167 m (10 km, 600 m ascent, 5 hours with 2 Jausen breaks, one at the Dobratsch summit house and at the end at the Rosstrattenstüberl 6,70€, at both we got most gespritzt!). Overnight on P9 just below P11 (free of charge and quiet). N46º35'37" E13º42'50"


Thursday 29 August 2019: Villacher Alpenstrasse - Dreiländereck - Villach (alt 500 m): 59 km, very warm 28ºC

Drive to the Bergbahn Dreiländereck and up with the nice old 3 seats cable car (free with Kärnten Card). To begin with we had an Apfelstrudel with a cappuccino (5,20 €) and walk up to the Dreiländereck: three-border area: Austria, Slovenia and Italy. Volker walked further the Dreiländereck trail (through Italy and Slovenia, then back down to our parking, 10 km, 600 m ascent, 2,5 hours). We had Moussaka for lunch at home and at 17.00 we went to the Kärten Therme Villach Warmbad (43,50 € for both with 1,60€ parking). Julia enjoyed the excellent sauna where they also provided special sea salt + cream for the vapor sauna. Overnight back in Villach town. N46º36'58" E13º50'29"


Friday 30 August 2019: Villach - Klagenfurt (alt 443 m): 55 km, very warm 28ºC

Drive to Rosegg where we had free entry with our Kärnten Card to the Tierpark Rosegg (Animal Park). It is a very pleasant place to go, not only for the animals but also for the beautiful trees and rocks, the historic castle hill and a labyrinth (where we didn't go). After lunch at our parking space (very quiet and green, actually also nice for overnight) drive to Pyramidenkogel, a 100 m wooden observation, the highest tower in the world with the highest spiral slide in Europe. After settling down at the Messegelände in Klagenfurt we went to a Magic Show at the VolXhaus, with Jack Black, Magic Wladimir, Gerhard Lattacher and Engelbert (very very good, 23€/pax). We walked to it and back. N46º37'7" E14º18'24".