21.11.2016: São Francisco Xavier - Campos de Jordão (alt 1630 m):  97 km - 20ºC sunny

Drive to Campos de Jordão with a stop at Montero Lobato for lunch at Restaurante Resgate Caipira, a buffet style restaurant with the typical regional food food "caipira" (cheap and excellent). Arrival in traffic jammed Campos de Jordão where we checked in at the Hotel Piano Piano N22º43'30" E45º34'17" (next time we would stay outside town, maybe in São Bento do Sapucaí or around). After a short nap we went for a stroll through the kitsch town and had a Baden-Baden beer in the centre then a caipirinha in a bar with music.


22.11.2016: Campos de Jordão - Excursion to Pedra do Baú: 100 km - 20ºC sunny with rain showers in the afternoon after our hikes

Excursion to the Pedra do Baú at the São Bento do Sapucaí. We first walked up to the Pedra do Bauzinho with fabuluos views over to the Pedra do Baú then Volker did the walk up to the Pedra do Baú (3 hours, very strenuous with vertical climbing, 540m ascent). On our way back we stopped at the Restaurante Sabor com Arte in São Bento do Sapucaí (open from 12:30-23:00!) to have our an "almojantar" (lunchdinner). We sat at the rear terrace with awesome views over to the Pedra do Baú under a thunderstorm and had tutú de feijão com torresma. Back home we fell very tired in our beds.


23.11.2016: Campos de Jordão: Amantikir Gardens, Gruta dos Crioulos, Morro do Elefante: km, 19ºC rainy

Visit of the Amantikir gardens (R$30 pax out of season) with light rain, then we drove to Gruta dos Crioulos and Morro do Elefante. We finished our day with a dinner at the Bar Restaurant Vemaguet with a so-called meat fondue which is actually only pieces of meat on a hot stone with many sauces (R$ 187).


R$ 10 = EUR 2,90

Campos do Jordão
Pedra do Baú

Amantikir Park is a garden with 35.000 m² and 22 gardens inspired by 12 different nations

Gruta dos Crioulos - a magic place - formed by just one huge stone

B R A Z I L 2 0 1 6

A  mixture of German-Swiss kitsch and now also with too much Christmas decoration.

Restaurante "Resgate Caipira" in Montero Lobato, on our way to Campos do Jordão

Our hotel "Piano Piano" all dedicated to music

Volker went up to the peak on the Pedra do Baú on the other other side where he waived over to me

View over to Bauzinho

The difficult way up climbing iron steps up to the Pedra do Baú


Having a delicious "tutú de feijão com torresma" in Sabor com Arte in São Bento de Sapucaí

We walked through this labyrinth and found the way out, obviously!