Buenos Aires



Visit of some beautiful streets of Bs As in Recoleta, ending up at the famous cementery where we had already been the day before. We had a coffee at one of the cafes under the rubber tree and strolled through the the nice handicraft fair that is here every Sunday at Plaza Teniente Alvear. We took a taxi to the zoo (15 pesos with tip) but it was so crowded that we decided to continue, so we went to a Peruvian restaurant "Mamani, el cholo terco" and had a huge delicious ceviche as a main dish -their portions being always incredibly big!- and a chicha morada (drink made of a blue kind of corn). In the evening we went to a Tango show at Cafe Tortoni, with a lot of tango music. On our way back the Italian ladies were robbed just behind of us while we were walking just a little ahead of them on a large road that was just empty at that time. Unfortunately, we were not able to help, and fortunately they only lost a camera. Nevertheless, this was a shock to us.

In the evening we went for a Tango Music Show at the Café Tortoni. Watch the following video:

Resting at one of the restaurants beneath the huge rubber tree.

After visiting the Sunday market, we tried the next Peruvian restaurant “Mamani, el cholo terco” with chicha morada.

In the evening we went for a Tango Music Show at the Café Tortoni: