Cachi, Recta del Tin Tin, Parque Nacional Los Cardones, Cuesta del Obispo, Seclantás, Cachi: 160 km



This morning the sky was clear over the mountains at Cuesta del Obispo so we decided to head back to see what we had not yesterday with the dense fog. We drove up to the Mirador Piedra del Molino and to Valle Encantado (3354 m). After that we took the "shortcut" # 42 to El Colte through bizarre landscapes with many Cardones cacti. Drive on a slow dirt road to Seclantas. On our way back we had a light lunch at the restaurant El Aujero. Back to our hotel we sat for a long time at the pool. Before sunset, we went to see if we could find the nest of the condors. We walked around the gorge next to our hotel and found the tree where they live. We counted about 11 condors that went to sleep perched on the tree

The endless “Recta del Tin-Tin”

Parque Nacional de Los Cardones

Parque Nacional Los Cardones