Cafayate: Hike along the Rio Colorado



Drive to the rock paintings on the way to the Rio Colorado. A guide took us to a rock with a kind of mapping of the stars and the different Indian villages 600 years ago, in form of round wholes that were also used for grinding. Then to a cave where you could guess that there was some kind of a big bird and a gecko but afterwards to a small rock formation with many clear rock paintings on the roof. Then we drove to the parking to start the hike to the waterfalls on the Rio Colorado. A guide offered us his services but Volker didn't want to take him, so we started on our own. At some point we had to cross the river where I didn't feel secure doing so. We had already decided to go back when the guide came with other people and asked us to join him. So we did, and it was a good idea because we had constantly to cross the river and walk in a very adventurous way. Eventually we slipped or fell into the river and our feet and shoes got wet. Because of the exceptional heavy rains in January and February this year this hike was quite strenuous and dangerous, even with the guide (30 pesos pax). After washing out our clothes and shoes, we had an ice cream before heading to the vineyard El Esteco for a visit with wine tasting. On our way back we bought a cheese filled calzone pizza. In the evening we had a fantastic dinner at "Turreños" Restaurant (170 pesos).

Starting the hike along the Rio Colorado.

A guide ask us to come with his group.

Ancient Indian map and rock paintings

Visiting El Esteco, one of our favourite wines.

Even with the guide, it was not easy, as you can see it from a young member of the group.

Amalaya is also one of our favourite high altitude produced wines: see Amalaya website

That is a poem to the man who sells the tortillas that we ate tonight. We found this later on the wall in our street.