Salta, Parque Nacional de Calilegua



Today we gut up at 6:15 to go to the Parque Nacional de Calilegua, Northeast of Salta, as it is a drive of about 2 hours. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't too good, but still, we drove the 23 km from 550 m to 1700 m in 1 hour and up at the top we walked through the dense "Yungas" and were lucky to see monkeys! Actually there are many animals in this park, like pumas, tapirs, toucans, etc. We made  another walk to the Lagunita starting from the first look out, but the way had been destroyed at some parts by a mud slide, so this was less pleasant. Above that it was now raining pretty much. All our clothes and our shoes were really dirty and wet, so when we arrived home Volker was pretty busy cleaning and washing up everything. On our way back we took two young Belgian people along who had spent the night before tenting on the Campground. Dinner at the Restaurant of our hotel with a toast to Volker's sister Elke who celebrates birthday on the 17th of March (Germany is 4 hours ahead).

Parque Nacional de Calilegua

Celebrating Elke’s (Volker’s sister) birthday at the restaurant of our hotel.