Salta, San Lorenzo



Sightseeing of Salta, Visite of the Museo de Arqueologia de Alta Montaña which was super interesting, especially because there is a mummy of a 6 years old girl that was sacrificed 500 years ago from the Incas! ( - 30 pesos/pax). We paid a visit to both the National Parks authority and the provincial tourist office, both were very nice and helpful. We were a bit overwhelmed by Salta's city character and were happy to get a suggestion for an excursion on the afternoon to San Lorenzo, as all other trips would always take a whole day. So we drove to San Lorenzo and first stopped at a Restaurant El Monumental where we had a very good inexpensive lunch -Volker had a double rabbit steak and our drink was 1 litre fresh squeezed orange juice among other things- and the whole lot cost 110 pesos, i.e. about 20 euros. Then we followed the signs "Quebrada" and hit a beautiful place, almost looking tropical like a rain forest. There was a 6 km trail (2 hours) which we hit (15 pesos per pax) up to the green hills that was most enjoyable, being the extreme opposite of the landscapes we had visited the days before. In the evening we had a stroll through Salta with an ice-cream at Grido Helado and then went to the main square 9 de Julio where there was a fashion show of Jorge Ibañez.