Daytrip to Colonia, Uruguay:



We took the fast ferry boat "Buquebus" at 12:30 pm to Uruguay. It took two tries as we had forgotten our passports... Everything was very easy and even the border/customs' of Argentina and Uruguay worked together, so it really was easy to cross this border -nothing to compare with crossing on land from Chile to Argentina 2 weeks before-. It takes 1 hour to cross. Colonia is a very pleasant little town with an old town that was alternatively Spanish than Portuguese, so there are some streets and houses left from that time. We had a good time in this town, spent more than 6 hours strolling around. We had a lunch at the waterfront restaurant "El Rincón" (prices are pretty much higher here than in Argentina). For this day we had to get Uruguayan money.

Taking the fast ferry over to Uruguay.

Yes, we are really drinking Uruguayan wine!

Colonia, a former Portuguese and Spanish town.

Untranslatable, sorry.

An old Portuguese cobble stone street.