Prost! Here we go, from FRA-ADD

Addis Ababa Bole Int'l Airport, Ethiopia

Many offerings to ? in the Addis Abbaba Lounge.
This religious configuration is found in almost any place at this airport.

Antananarivo - Madagascar

Rice fields on the level places and Antananarivo is on the hill

View from our hotel

Bicycle repair shop

Hotel Belvedere squeezed between other "houses"

Reptile Reserve Marozevo

A skinned chameleon

Poisonous frogs

Volker holding a snake (there are no poisonous snakes on Madagascar

Huge butterflies garding their nest. They are about 50 cm long

La Terrasse Marie Lodge where we had twice a very good Malagasisch lunch with our guide Andry

Grace Lodge. Unfortunately it looks better than it is. Our room #5 in the middle

The reception

Vakona Lodge

Lush vegetation

Canoeing along the 5 islands to see the different kinds of lemurs

Look at my face: This lemur sprang on my head from way above

Lemurs are very acrobatic

It looks like Volker is wearing a fur colar

He is doing meditation

Monday 6 May 2019: Flight FAO-FRA and FRA-ADD

Jan and Peter drove us to the airport. We had time to have a coffee with muffin at Costa Café at the airport. Our first flight was at 15:30, 3 hours flight. Next flight FRA-ADD at 22:00, 7 hours, arriving next day at 5:30 in Addis Ababa.


Tuesday 7 May 2019: Flight ADD-TNR - Antananarivo (alt 1400 m): 27ºC sunny

We went to the Cloud 9 lounge, which has a good variety of breakfast stuff and Ethiopian typical food. I had a plate with a sample of everything and it is absolutely delicious. I love to observe people here. Our flight to Antananarivo leaves at 8:55 (5 hours flight). We arrived on time at 14:05. Got our luggage, through visa emission (35€/pax), then passport control, customs (through X-ray) and out pretty quick. Andry, our Malagassi guide, was waiting for us and drove us to our hotel Belvedere. We went for a short walk up the street and bought water and yoghurt for our melarone malaria tablet. Dinner at the hotel restaurant (very good, 46.000 aryari*). Hotel Belvedere room 16 (pretty basic).


Wednesday 8 May 2019: Antananarivo - Andasibe (alt 967 m): 150 km (±3 hours) - rainy

Breakfast (pretty basic) at the hotel, then at 9:00 drive to the Reptile Reserve Marozevo. Lunch at the La Terrasse Marie Lodge Restaurant (46.000 aryari for the 3 of us). In the evening at 18:30 we went for a night walk where we saw many chameleons in the wild (with guide Nina) until 20:00. Dinner were bananas. Grace Lodge, villa nº5 (very basic).


Thursday 9 May 2019: Andasibe - rainy 24ºC

At 8:00 we left for the Lemur Island where we did a guided walking and kayak tour at the Vakona Private Park. The lemurs are kept on different islands and fed. Our guide had bananas, so we got some to come to us and climb on us! After that visit of the Anamalazaotra National Park where we saw 2 families of indriis with our guide Nina (we gave her 10.000 ariary tip). Lunch again at the La Terrasse Marie Lodge restaurant (76.000 ariary). Back home and relax. Grace Lodge.



* 40.000 Aryari = ± 1 Euro