Oslo - Kongsberg

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The Shopping Promenade

13.08.2014 : Kiel - Oslo

In the morning before getting on the ship we still bought some groceries. I think I will be able to open a mobile supermarket with all the stuff we are carring...

We boarded the ColorLine Fantasy Cruise ship at 12:15 am and got a nice cabin on the 11th floor (414). The ship departed at 14:00. We explored the ship and had a beer on the sun deck, something we regretted afterwards, because, yes, you won’t believe it, but all the content of our minibar was included in the price of this cabin!! There were 4 cans of beer, 8 cans of soft drinks like Coke, two mini Martinis and 2 small champagne bottles. We had those two bottles with peanuts (also in the minibar) and we couldn’t think about drinking all that stuff before our arrival next day. Taking along was also a problem, because of the customs and the high taxes. At 18:00 we went to see a very sad film at the cinema and at 20:00 we had a delicious dinner at the Grand Buffet. After watching the 9pm show we went to bed.

14.08.2014 : Oslo

Arrival in Oslo at 10:00. We were lucky not to be stopped by the customs... After setting down at the Bogstad Camping, we had lunch and walked up to the Holmenkollen Jump Tower. We bought a “Oslo Pass” for 48h which enables us to get into many museums and use the public transport free of charge in Oslo (340 NOK p.P.).  When we got up the Jump Tower it started to rain. After visiting the ski museum we walked down to take the T-Lane (metro) into town, walking along the Karl Johans Gate up to the National Theatre where we took the bus #32 back to our Bogstad Camping.

15.08.2014 : Oslo (14 km)

Drive down to Bygdøy Peninsula where we parked at the Huk parking lot for the local beach. We took our bikes and drove to the 3 museums we chose to visit: Kon-Tiki Museum, Polarship Fram Museum and the Viking Ship Museum (all entrance fees free because of the Oslo Pass) N59º53´52” - E10º40’20”. All were really very interesting. Back home we took a shower and then set off to visit the Oslo Opera House with the bus #30 which ends here at Huk. We stayed overnight at the parking of Huk.

16.08.2014 : Oslo - Kongsberg (99 km)

Drive to the Vigeland Park, the centrepiece of Frognerparken which is an extraordinary open-air showcase of work by Norway’s best-loved sculptorm Gustav Vigeland. Volker went into town while Julia did the first Norwegian grocery shopping at a Rema 1000. Things are really more expensive than in Germany but this is not like it will kill us. Drive to Drammen where we wanted to drive a spiral up a mountain but our camper is too high (3,20m but we are 2,50m high). We then drove to Kongsberg and crossed the river with a big waterfall which is really in the middle of the town. We continued to the Royal Silver Mines hoping to do the mine tour at 15:00 but the last tour was already on its way. The next one is tomorrow at 10:00, although in all our books it says from 11:00 to 16:00! We then decided to stay here and relax. Julia cooked for hours the Peruvian dish and we had a good wine we brought from the Pyrenees last year. N59º37’42.4” - E9º35’57.1”

From Kiel to Oslo with ColorLine

Laboe with the German submarine from the WWII as seen from the sea

One of the many restaurants

Arrival in Oslo

But we had a hard task during the cruise: to empty the minibar!

All these drinks were included in our cabin package! And even some peanuts...

Celebrating and having a lot of fun


Going up with the elevator and looking down from way up the Holmenkollen Jump Tower

The evolution of the ski bindings.

Ski museum at Holmenkollen

At the old city walls of Oslo

Oslo Opera House

Walking on the roofs of the

The foyer

Oslo Opera House

Oseberg Viking ship was built around 820 as sailing ship for a prominent person. In 834 it was reused as a funeral ship for two powerful ladies

At the Kon-Tiki Museum

Viking Museum

Seen at the Fram Museum:

Seen at the Polarship Fram Museum:

On thin ice...

Vigeland Park


The masterpiece of Gustav Vigeland

Vigeland Park is brimmig with 212 granite and bronze Bigeland works His highly charged work ranges from entwined lovers and tranquil elderly couples to contempd-ridden beggars

Overnight stay at the Silver Mines near Kongsberg