Bogotá, Colombia

The very competent and nice Swiss F&B manager, Mr. Jacobo

Museo del Oro

Unsurpassed service, perfect location in the Zona Rosa and wonderful breakfast

The Muisca raft

The museum displays a selection of pre-Hispanic gold work — the biggest collection in the world!

Here we had a delicious ajiaco santafereño

Patios in La Candelaria

Cerro de Monserrat

COP Colombian Peso: $ 10.000 = EUR 2,98
Thu 15/10/2015: Lima - Flight to Bogotá, Colombia - elev. 2570 m - cloudy 14ºC
Pickup at 7:30am. Flight at 11:05 with AV132 to BOG, arrival at 14:30. At the airport we bought a voucher for a taxi to our hotel for $55.000 (=EUR16.50). Sofitel Victoria Regia room 613. We went out and had dinner at the Bar Le Cabrera($ 74,000).
Fri 16/10/2015: Bogotá -  Sightseeing tour - cloudy/rainy 16ºC
Taxi to Museo del Oro ($ 24,000 taxi, entrance fee $ 3,000 but free of charge for seniors from 60 up), Plaza Bolíval, La Candelaria, Lunch at La Puerta Falsa, Museo Botero, back with taxi ($ 20,000). In the evening we went for dinner to the Cevicheria ($100,000) next door (very good). Julia got the cold from Volker...
Sat 17/10/2015: Bogotá - sunny-cloudy-rainy 16ºC
Taxi to Monserrat ($ 13,000) up with Funicular ($ 17,000 p.p., free of charge from 62 up). Lunch at the simple restaurant behind the handicraft shops ($31,000) after Julia back with taxi ($ 22,000). Volker went
Sun 18/10/2015: Bogotá - Flight to Frankfurt
Volker went to a sightseeing bicycle tour ($ 35,000) starting a 10:30am until 4pm through Bogotá, Julia stayed at the hotel to cure her flue. At 4pm checkout, Volker was able to take a shower in the room, then we took a taxi through our tappsi app to the airport for $ 23,000. We went to the Avianca lounge then to the LAN lounge which we find better then took our business flight LH 543 at 9pm to Frankfurt which arrived after 10,5 hours ahead of time in Frankfurt. It was a very pleasant comfortable flight.
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