Neusiedler See Podersdorf am See

Heuriger Florian Sloboda

Set of 4 different white wines

Delicious Austrian "tapas"

We took the ferry over to Breitenbrunn, 1 hour crossing with all other people taking their bicycles

Seebad Breitenbrunn am Neusiedler See

On the main square are many famous bicycle riders, like Eddy Merckx from Belgium

Reed along the rim and as islands

Bicycle tours around the Zicksee

With the ferry over to Breitenbrunnen and back to Podersdorf cycling

Delicious Kümmelbraten or caraway roast at the Heuriger Grossmata

We stopped at almost every place where we could have a drink and a snack

Sankt Andrä am Zicksee

A special kind of ground squirrel (Zisel in German) lives at the Camping Zicksee

Having a drink at the Papillon bar near our Camping in Sankt Andrä after a laundry day

Zicksee (Zick lake) at our Campground

Round cycling tour "Lacke" B20

Sankt Andrä am Zicksee, beach of our camping

Stop at the "Wilde Hölle" and then at "Saftladen"

Our Zicksee at sunset

At Hölle area

Books explaining the nature on the trails (made of solid metal)

Oktoberfest in Sankt Andrä

Cheering with our table neighbours

The mayor opening the beer barrel as is tradition at the Oktoberfest in München

But people actually preferred drinking their "gespritzer Weisser" (white wine with soda water)

Almost everybody was wearing folcloric clothes from the region

Women and men were wearing their traditional "trachtl" dirndl and Lederhosen. It was like a fashion show of beautiful folcloric dresses

Wednesday 12.09.2018: Timișoara (Romania) - Podersdorf am See/Neusiedler See (alt 110 m): 510 km, 31ºC hot, especially in the car

We tried to visit of the Museum of the 1989 Revolution, but we didn't find any parking place for our camper, so we continued our way to Austria, crossing Hungary. Near Arad we had lunch at the Taberna Pecacini (good food but the waitress wouldn't even say hello). After crossing to Austria we were able to buy our Go-box, after having tried to do so before the border and have it charged with 145€ + 5€ rent for the box. We have to give it back before leaving the country. We drove to Podersdorf am See at the Neusiedler See and settled at the Winery Heuriger Fabian Sloboda (12,50 €/night with everything). After a reinvigorating shower we did the 20 steps over to the heuriger* and had a sampling of white wines with delicious meats and cheeses (44 €). N47º51'1" E16º49'50"


Thursday 13.09.2018: Podersdorf am See/Neusiedler See: just 22 km by bicycle - 31ºC hot

We took the (bike) ferry Holiday at 11:00 am (8,50€/pax). There were only bikers taking this ferry! And it left 10 minutes before schedule, because it couldn't take more e-bikes along, since the water level is at the moment along about 1,5 m! We biked from Breitenbrunn back to Podersdorf. But not just biked; we stopped at almost every nice place on our way, starting with a "gespritzten" wine (wine with soda water) at the Seebad Breitenbrunn, then we had a Kraut soup and Topfenstrudel in Weiden, where we also met nice Austrian people from Villach whom we met again later at Weiden am See. Back home first thing A/C and shower, then a visit to the heuriger next door, heuriger Grossmata (very good Kümmelbraten (= caraway roast) 16,70 €).


Friday 14.09.2018: Podersdorf am See/Neusiedler See - Sankt Andrä am Zicksee (alt 124 m): 20 km, 29

Drive to Sankt Andrä am Zicksee where we settled at the Camping am Zicksee ( 25€/night without electricity). They have 3 washing machines, so we did all our laundry today. Then just into town for a drink to Papillon. N47º47'36" E16º54'50"


Saturday 15.09.2018: Sankt Andrä am Zicksee - bicycle tour and Oktoberfest - 24ºC nice

Beautiful bicycle tour around the "Lackes" (steppe landscape lakes) with a few stops on our way (52,5 km, 7 hours). We also did a detour to the National Park information centre and booked a tour for Tuesday 18 September 2018. Back home we walked at the Zicksee lake and then went with the shuttle bus to the Oktoberfest tent. Julia bought 5 raffle tickets. After we found out that the winning tickets would be drawn at midnight, so we had to wait until then. But it was worthwhile, since we won vouchers in value of 200€ to be spent in a shop NKD. We went to bed at 1:30am


Sunday 16.09.2018: Sankt Andrä am Zicksee: 23ºC nice weather

We are a little bit tired this morning... Volker got some fresh bread and we had our Sunday breakfast outside.


Monday 17.09.2018: Sankt Andrä am Zicksee

Nº'" Eº'"



Tuesday 18.09.2018: Sankt Andrä am Zicksee

Nº'" Eº'"



Wednesday 19.09.2018: Sankt Andrä am Zicksee

Nº'" Eº'"



* Heuriger is the name given to a tavern in Eastern Austria, where a local winemaker serves his or her new wine under a special licence in alternate months during the growing season. The Heurige are renowned for their atmosphere of Gemütlichkeit shared among a throng enjoying young wine and simple food.