Praia da Rocha to Alvor

Marina de Portimão

Cool man enjoying a drink at the the cliffs over the Praia da Rocha beach


Praia da Rocha beach view from the citadel

Cat House. Seen along the wall of a house in Praia do Váu, Praia da Rocha

Praia dos 3 Irmãos

Sometimes the paths are really adventurous



What a mess at the fishermen's huts!


New built board walks from Ponta da Piedade to almost Porto de Mós

An "algar" being bitte by the sea

A beer at the elegant Restaurant António in Porto Mós

Ponta da Piedade

Looking back to Ponta da Piedade an even Lagos

Praia da Luz

Praia da Luz on the far end

Praia da Luz from above the 106 m high cliff

The cliff with the many layers in different colours) as seen from Praia da Luz

East of Praia da Luz: walking on washed out stones and along a series of huge luxury villas - many are brand new!


Going west in Praia da Luz

Spanish Bayonet Yucca gloriosa

The old laundry place


Friday 18.01.2019: Loulé - Praia da Rocha: 52 km - good weather, 18ºC

Drive to Praia da Rocha. We parked behind the Luar Hotel  where lots of campers are standing. Walk along the promenade up to the Citadelle. We had a 2 for 1 mojito. . We bouth a nice bottle of wine Peceguinha at Soares which we had for dinner. N37º7'13" W8º32'49"


Saturday 19.01.2019: Praia da Rocha: cloudy and rainy, lots of rain in the late afternoon and night

Walk to Alvor (8,6 km - 3 hours). Coffee at Albar and Uber back home 6 euros. Overnight at the same place in Praia da Rocha


Sunday 20.01.2019: Praia da Rocha - Lagos - Praia da Luz: 39 km - sunny but very windy

Walk from Lagos to Praia da Luz (10,5 km - 3 hours) with one stop at the Restaurant António in Porto de Mós (3,40 for 2 imperais). At the end a galão at the Luz Beach Bar along the beach walk at Praia da Luz (3,40€). Back with Uber (7,48€) to Lagos. Lunch at the Petiscos Restaurant adjacent to the Camping in Lagos. Drive to Praia da Luz, parking (very good) at the eastern parking in Praia da Luz N37º5'28" W8º43'25"


Monday 21.01.2019: Praia da Luz - Loulé: 80 km

Walk to Salema (12,8 km - 3,5 hours). Back to our camper in Praia da Luz with Uber (12,06€). After a salad at home 1, we drove to home 2.