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Cáceres - Valle del Jerte - Sierra de Gredos - Talavera de la Reina - Zafra

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Plaza Mayor

14.04.2013 : Drive from Loulé to Cáceres (463 km)

We left Loulé at 11:30 am and had our lunch break in Pajanosas at the Bar Lola, exit 790 north of Sevilla on the A66 (good meal for 22€). It was a hot day, 30ºC, and we were happy when we arrived in Cáceres at 19:30 (Spanish time, +1) where we settled at the camper parking which, by the way, was really full, so we had to park on the other side next to cars. We went for a stroll through the old town, very nice and had a beer at the Bar La Minerva on the Plaza Mayor. Back home we just fell very tired in our bed. This overnight parking is pretty noisy where we were standing, not only the cars that pass along the main street behind us, but especially the birds were singing from 5 am! N39.48056º - W6.36694º

15.02.2013 : Cáceres - Valle del Jerte: Parque Natural de la Garganta del Infierno (115 km) - 567 m altitude

We drove approximately 2 hours to the Park Information Centre close to Jerte. After getting a map we hit the trail to the Pilones de la Garganta del Infierno where you can see the potholes formed by the water and the beautiful scenery around. We made a loop and walked back from the other side of the river coming out on the road between Cabezuela del Valle and Jerte (10,5 km, 3 hours). We were very lucky with the weather, 25ªC and sunny. After having a beer at the bar El Refugio next to the Info Centre we settled at the Camping Valle del Jerte which, right now is quite empty, so we have a lot of space (20€/night, 2 pax, located at the N110, km 167,9). Delicious BBQ lunch at our camper, N40º12.5067 - W5º46.1591

16.04.2013 : Valle del Jerte - Talavera de la Reina (184 km) 300 m altitude

Drive over the pass Puerto de Tornavacas where we could see the snowcapped mountains of Sierra de Gredos. The landscape changes completely with soft meadows no cherry trees anymore! Stop at the Barco de Ávila where we bought delicious bread at a Vinoteca shop (!). Drive up to the Reserva Nacional de Gredos where we parked the van at the parking called “plataforma” which was not flat at all. Hike up to the rim of the Circo de Gredos where the Laguna Grande de Gredos is embedded (8,6 km, 4 hours). After a siesta drive to Talavera de la Reina where we parked at the Recinto de la Feria, the parking spaces for motor caravans being unattractive on the road behind the bicycle stadium. This town was deceptive for us, no main square with cafés and restaurants as we are used to find in Spain. We moved our camper to a quiet road: N39º57.465’ - W4º48.930’

17.04.2013 : - Talavera de la Reina - Guadalupe - Zafra (329 km)

After doing some grocery shopping at Aldo nearby we drove to the Embalse de Baldecañas where there are Roman ruins from Augustóbriga that were rescued from the flooded area when the dam was built. Visit of Guadalupe which is a nice little town with a pleasant main square just in front of the Monastery. Lunch at Mesón Cerezo II (average food, 24€). The tourist office was closed and the monastery only opened at 15:30 so we decided to leave the visit in the inside for the next time. Drive in the heat (31ºC) to Zafra. Visit of the town with frozen yoghurt, tapas and wine on Plaza Mayor, Baraka Bar, then at Horta Honda on our way back to the camper. We settled at the Recinto Ferial behind the Bus Terminal. N38º25.615’ - W6º24.629’

18.04.2013 : - Zafra - Loulé (347 km)

Drive home via Sevilla. Not so hot anymore in our southern region.

Total: 1438 km

<- This bronze shows the hooded penitents who parade on Semana Santa (Holy Week = Easter). These guys look really spooky!


Cherry blossom and panoramic views on snowcapped mountains are the main features of this walk

Chilling out at the Valle del Jerte Camping

Look at this toilet house!

We were lucky to see mountain goats across the river, directly from our camper!

Somewhere beneath the snow and ice is the Laguna Grande de Gredos...

The signs show us how deep the snow is here

Fort at Barco de Ávila

Valle de Jerte

Sierra de Gredos: hiking to the Laguna Grande de Gredos


Roman ruins at the Embalse de Valdecañas

In the background are the snowcapped mountains of Sierra de Gredos seen from the south

Lovely countryside through the Sierra de Villuercas on our way to Guadalupe


The famous Real Monasterio de Santa maria de Guadalupe

Zafra’s imposing 15th century castle, now a “Parador”