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Evora, P - Parque Natural del Tajo Internacional, E - Cáceres

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Roman Temple

18.11.2013 : Drive from Loulé to Évora (240 km)

Drive from Loulé to Évora. Overnight at the parking lot along the city wall (pretty noisy, but still ok).

19.11.2013 : Évora - Parque Natural del Tajo Internacional, Santiago de Alcántara (196 km)

Sightseeing in Evora. Drive to Parque Natural del Tajo Internacional with a stop at Veiros near Estremoz (nothing really worthwhile to see, except the wals of the castle), then at the picnic area Puerto Roque Café Restaurant at Carretera N-521 at km_521 where we had a nice lunch with “carillera” (= pork cheeks). After visiting the Info Centre in Santiago de Alcántara we drove north to the River Tejo to the Mirador de Vinãs where we stayed overnight. N39º39.654’  - W7º15.216’

20.11.2013 : Santiago de Alcántara - Herrera de Alcántara (35 km) - very cold: 3ºC/13ºC

It was very cold this morning when we woke up: 2,8ºC! We walked up to the bird observation deck and spotted many griffon vultures (Gyps Fulvus). Then we drove to the information centre because we wanted to visit the Centro de Interpretación de Megalitismo. The guy who sists in Santiago de Alcántara has to go with you to El Buraco where he opens it for you (not very interesting as such). We then drove up to Cueva El Buraco in the Sierra de San Pedro with two guys from a promoting company to see the paintings on the walls like a red hand and and fish bones (?); the walk and the views from up there were nice as well. After lunch we walked to the Dolmens Laguna I, II and III (which we could have better done with our bicycles or even with our camper as we had to walk along the road). We then tried to drive west from Santiago de Alcántara to spot the three Dolmens Pepino I, II and III and we see none (an old chap who was painting his entrance gate told us they were all rubbish).  N39º38.816’ - W7º24.491’

21.04.2013 : Herrera de Alcántara - Cedillo - Valencia de Alcántara (78 km) - very cold 3ºC/12ºC

We woke up surrounded by complete mist. Very nice walk “Mari Loza” along the Tajo River and up to the village of Herrera de Alcántara (3,5km - 1 hour for Julia, Volker walked back to the camper and got Julia at the village). Julia bought some fruit and vegetables at the weekly really tiny market on the main square. Drive to Cedillo and down to the embarcadero (= pier), but the place was not pleasant with the dam and the electric cables making noise. Even so we had lunch further up where there are some lookouts to the Tajo River. Near Cedillo we tried to walk “La Miñola” but the path was gone so we tried to see the Dolmen Juaninha but that one was again on private property and couldn’t be reached. Drive to Herrera de Alcántara where we visited the visitor centre. The nice lady gave us information about a dolmen route we intend to do tomorrow. Stroll through town according to the leaflet we got. Parking and official overnight place at the bull ring: N39º24.548’ - W7º14.756’

22.11.2013 : Valencia de Alcántara - Membrío (84 km) - rainy 9ºC/15ºC

Drive to Aceña de la Borrega to walk the Dolmen route 5. We saw the best dolmen in the region Mellizo. A coffee stop at the Café Puerto Roque where we had tapas 3 days ago. Driving to Alcántara we stopped at a very quiet spot after Membrío where we had lunch, siesta and stayed overnight: N39º34.856’ - W6º59.784’

23.11.2013 : Membrío - Alcántara - Cáceres (100 km) - 300 m elevation - 3ºC/12ºC

Drive to Alcántara and hike “Puente Romando de Alcántara” PR_CC 105 (17,8 km, 4h20’ for Volker, Julia about 10km, 3h30’). Drive to the “Cantera”, the quarry where the stone was taken to build the dam in Alcántara and which filled with water and became the natural pool in Alcántara. Volker took me there because he saw many griffon vultures sitting there in the stone walls. We then settled just outside the Cantera overlooking the reservoir but after having lunch we decided to continue to Cáceres to be able to visit the Cáceres Museum tomorrow morning. Grocery shopping at the nice Mercadona before entering town. N39º28.804’ - W6º21.990’

24.11.2013 :  Cáceres - Trujillanos: El Mentidero in Parque Natural de Cornalves (103 km) 300 m elevation - 4ºC/12ºC

We went into the old town to visit the Museo de Cáceres with its archeological displays and a few interesting modern art pictures. But before and after we visited other interesting places like, for instance, the Semana Santa Information Centre where there was also an Aljibre (underground water deposit from the Moorish area). Lunch with tapas at the Minerva Tapas Bar (48€) with lovely sunshine. After reading in a guide book about the Via de la Plata as being the old Roman road we tried to find some stretch near Aljuce but nothing. We then drove to Trujillanos just east of Mérida and setteld at the Parque Naturalde Cornalves at the El Mentidero: N39º1.011’ - W6º10.669’

25.11.2013 : P.N. Cornalves 1ºC/13ºC

Walk to the Embalse de las Muelas where we saw a group of 28 cranes flying and some other birds like lapwings, larks, chaffinch, eagles. We moved a few meters further to the Berrocal de El Rugidero -not so easy to park- and had a relaxing afternoon. N39º1.011’ - W6º10.669’

26.11.2013 : P.N. Cornalves - Loulé (414 km)

Drive home via Sevilla, Cartaya where we had lunch at Wok&Grill (20€).

Total:  1250 km


Mirador de la Viñas, Tejo River

University of Évora

Entrance Room in the University of Évora

Veiros, Portugal

Former frontier Portugal-Spain, completely abandoned

Parque Natural del Tajo Internacional

Santiago de Alcántara

Centro de Interpretación del Megalitismo

Cave drawings

Herrera de Alcántara

Valencia de Alcántara:

Jewish Quarter

Visiting dolmens in the rain

Some drawings can be seen after taking photographs of the walls, better than “live”.

The Roman Bridge in Alcántara

...with mist coming up from the Tajo River

The village of Alcántara

An imposing tower facing the bridge

Some interesting old buildings along the Tajo

... and a mysterious tunnel

Alcántara seen on our way back

Plaza Mayor, Cáceres


It was really cold in the morning in Cáceres

The Semana Santa Information Centre with the various costumes

Mysterious mist on the Tajo River when we woke up in the morning